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Find the education, friends,

prayers and compassion you need to cope with your loved one's disease.

Learn how to:


in a community with Moms who



  • Afraid your child will overdose
  • Lost on how to help your child
  • Tired of the financial heartache
  • Grieving the loss of dreams for your child
  • Tired of the disruptions to your family
  • Living in shame
  • Feeling alone and powerless
  • Tired of waiting for your child to get help
  • Obsessed with negative thoughts 
  • Filled with anxiety
  • Hopeless, alone and drained
  • Unable to focus ..




is for you.

OR ... IF YOU ...

  • Are recovering from your addicted loved one's disease, but
  • You lost your joy, identity or purpose
  • Want to recapture your dream
  • Want to grow in your legacy
  • Want to influence other Moms who aren't where you are yet
  • Want to join the crusade to end the stigma and find recovery options for all ALO's

JOIN US and Recapture

Joy, Identity and Purpose!


You can't control your adult child's choices, but you can control

how you respond to your child.

Having a sick child makes you feel powerless.

Reclaim some of that control by placing yourself in a community with Moms who understand.



When you're in our community you will:

Gain confidence

Make clear-headed decisions

Learn how to let go with love

Learn how to connect with your addicted loved one

Make new friends

Find new ways to communicate

Be more present with friends and family

Sleep better

Find more energy

Discover your purpose

Be accountable

Love yourself more

Stop your obsessive thoughts

Set clear boundaries with love

Listen to understand

Learn the science of the disease

If you don't take care of your wellness,

you'll be forced to take care of your illness.

The Chief Hope Builders are the Moms in our group.

We are dedicated to guiding you on your difficult journey. 

You don't have to walk this path alone. If you immerse yourself in a community of moms who understand your pain and frustrations, you'll find peace, understanding and place to breathe.

Our Moms listen and feel your pain.

You'll find courage, hope, and a better understanding of addiction, your child, and how to take care of yourself. 

Let us hold your hand and help you lead the most important person in your life --- YOU!


  • Bible studies
  • What's App connection for immediate prayer requests
  • Courses - existing and new ones
  • Book Study
  • Resources 
  • Private FB group 
  • Recorded support group meetings 
  • Accountability partners 
  • Mentor Mom Partners (One-on-One) Boundary Buddy
  • Self-care challenges 
  • Worksheets
  • Office Hours (Coaching Sessions)

Featured Speakers Include

(but not limited to):

Recovering addicts

Addiction Counselors

Addiction Psychiatrists

Detox facility personnel

Book Authors

Recovery Home (Inpatient/Outpatient/Free/Paid) Speakers

YOU and other Moms in the group

Healing in Three Stages

Moms are guided on how to:

LET GO of the guilt, shame and chaos.

LOVE WELL despite their addicted children's disease.


LIVE FULLY by recapturing their identity, joy and purpose.


TERESA said ...

"Before I joined the All-Mighty Moms Tribe I felt alone, sad and stuck. I was emotionally exhausted after many years of being the mother of an adult child with substance abuse disorder. 

After being in the midst of other moms who truly understand, I have learned new strategies about how to communicate with my son. I am able to have joy in my life despite the fact that my son is not choosing recovery… yet. 

I learned it is possible to be loving while still having healthy boundaries. I learned I am not alone. I still have my sad moments but with the support and encouragement from the ladies in the group, I am better able to get back on track and moving forward, rather than staying consumed by my emotions. 

  Michelle Weidenbenner (our chief hope builder) and the other moms in the group have helped me realize there is more to my story. I am motivated to learn more about the disease of addiction. I am determined to get involved in helping others. What exactly that looks like, I don’t know yet - but I do know that I am being lead in the direction I’m meant to go and I’m excited to get there. 

This amazing group of women pray for, encourage, teach, and love one another. And we all have HOPE for all of our children." 


Included in the Membership

$49 Value

Included in Membership

$29 Value

11 Steps Mom Can Do To Stop the Addiction Chaos
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Support Meeting Topics

  • Boundaries
  • How to listen without enabling
  • How to listen to understand
  • CRAFT techniques
  • The brain in addiction
  • How to love your child and hate the disease
  • Healthy Mom Plan
  • Recovery options
  • How to let go without giving up
  • Codependency
  • Parenting grandkids
  • Self-care for mind, body, spirit
  • Recipes that build stamina
  • Guilt and shame
  • How to get your child into recovery for life
  • How to create your personalized resource one-sheet
  • 12-steps of recovery
  • Questions to ask recovering addict
  • Stages of recovery

Hi, I’m Michelle.

Your Chief Hope Builder.

When my son was struggling with a substance use disorder, I didn't know who to turn to. I couldn't find the help I needed. My friends didn't understand.

I read addiction books, attended conferences, and talked to recovering addicts.

Once my son got into recovery, I felt God calling me to lead other Moms going through the same situation.

Now, I'm here to help educate and comfort you on your difficult journey. I'm committed to helping you connect to your self care, so you can recapture your life and live in your purpose.

Author of Moms Letting Go, Without Giving Up, Seven Steps to Self-Recovery.

Unhackable Moms of Addicted Loved Ones, Closing the Gap Between Havoc and Hope

TEDx speaker in Faurot Park, OH and Eustis, Florida. (YouTube Links available soon)

Founder of Moms Letting Go.

Certified UNHACKABLE Coach.


Lucretia Talley

  • Speaker, Certified Life Coach and Unhackable Coach
  • Bible Study Facilitator
  • Chef Extraordinaire
  • Mom to 7, Grandma to 12
  • Mom to a recovering addict

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." Proverbs 16:9

Brooke Whitehead
  • Unhackable Coach
  • Mom advocate
  • Facilitator of WRITE to HEAL
  • Mom to two sons
  • Mom to a recovering loved one
  • Faithful servant
  • Listener

Gloria Lueras-Kidd

  • Facilitator, Mentor, and Chief Listener
  • Proud mom of a recovering addict
  • CRAFT advocate
  • Certified Unhackable Coach
  • Years as a Student Guide and Psychology Teacher
  • Proud daughter of a beloved prayer warrior and intercessor Mom
  • Neurology Nerd who enjoys learning about brain science.

Sandy Carmichael

  • Chief Welcome Warrior
  • Mom of 3- a daughter in heaven, two sons, one granddaughter
  • Christian wife
  • Certified Unhackable Coach
  • Retired Family & Consumer Science Teacher and Guidance Counselor
  • Seamstress
  • Encourager and Cheerleader


QUESTION: What if I can't attend all the meetings or have to miss one?

A = All our meetings are recorded and stored in the Private YouTube space for your review at any time.

QUESTION: What if I want to stop my membership?

A = We will hate to see you go, but we understand that needs change. Send an email ([email protected]) and let me know, and I will delete your membership automation. You will no longer have access to the courses or private support group, but you can continue to find hope in our private MomsLettingGo FB group.

QUESTION: What if I can't afford the membership?

A = The private FB support group, MomsLettingGo, is free and full of helpful moms and resources.

QUESTION: I don't have a computer or an iPad. Will I be able to view everything from my phone?

A = You will have access to the courses and support group via your phone. However, if we have partner-sharing in the weekly Zoom support meetings you won't be able to participate in this experiential learning process via your phone. You will still be able to listen and participate in the discussion.

QUESTION: What if I want one-on-one coaching?

A = We hold monthly group coaching calls at two different times to accommodate your schedules. We will also have a one-on-one mentoring system in our group for those who need it ASAP.

Our one-on-one coaching fees are extra, but available. Both Lucretia and Brooke are certified Unhackable coaches.

Email: [email protected]

[email protected] - Lucretia

QUESTION: Do I have to finish all the courses within a specific time-frame?

A = No. As long as you're a member you have access to all the courses and perks in the program. You can work through the courses on your schedule.