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Do you love your children, but struggle to like them?

Is your greatest fear that they will die of an accidental overdose?

These feelings often hack moms. A hack is when someone or something gains unauthorized access to us. Our productivity plummets, our dreams get sidelined and sabotaged, and our purpose pauses. 

Don’t live another day thinking you can’t recover from the shame, blame and chaos stemming from addiction in your family. 

You can be a part of the solution.

But first, you must become UNHACKABLE

💕 In this 30-Day Program

you will discover how to ...

  • 🌸 balance bold boundaries so you can sleep at night.
  • 🌸 listen without lecturing so you can connect with your loved one.
  • 🌸 cope with chaos so you can optimize your home and work life.

Below are the

First Three Days

Each day is designed to help you take the next right step.
The course includes a short video for each day and a worksheet that helps you find peace.
Go from HAVOC to HOPE in 30 Days.

Where are you now?

This first day in this program helps you realize where you are and where you want to be.

When you share your story, you heal.

You get to choose what to do next.

Boon: deepest desire, greatest ache, or biggest adventure. It's the reward we get when we pursue our dreams.

If moms don't know their boon their lives will be hacked, and they'll never achieve their dreams or create their legacies.

Who is Your Culprit?

What or whom is getting in the way of who God created you to be?

Learn who's your worst enemy and how to overcome the culprit.

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