The Ultimate Guide for Moms of Addicted Loved Ones Who Want Freedom from the Addiction Chaos

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Moms ...

Every time the phone rings you fear that it's going to be 'the call,' the one that informs you that your addicted loved one is gone.

You want your child to get well and stay in recovery, but you can’t make them do anything.

The only person you can control is yourself and the way you respond to your addicted loved one.

But what do you do? Why won't your child stop?

If you are a mom who feels anxious, angry and alone because of an addicted loved one, this course is for you. This course will help you understand addiction and why your child can't stop using.

Does this sound like you?

·        You’re afraid your child will overdose
·        You don’t know how to help your child
·        You’re tired of the financial heartache
·        You don’t know how to help your child
·        You’re grieving the loss of dreams for your child
·        You’re tired of the disruptions to your family
·        You live in shame, and you think you’re responsible
·        You’re tired of waiting for your child to get help
·        Some days you can’t think of anything besides your addicted loved one
·        You’re filled with anxiety
·        You feel hopeless, alone and drained
·        Your child doesn’t appreciate anything you do
·        You can’t focus

This course will help you:

Understand the addiction stages
Learn the pathways that lead to addiction
How to let go of the guilt
Learn about treatment options
Understand why your child can't stop using.
Understand why your child wants to find his or her own plan for recovery.
Learn the difference between empathy and enabling


Mom of an Addicted Loved One

All I can say is WOW after taking this course. It is so good.

Moms of addicted loved ones NEED to know this. I wish I would have known it the first time my daughter went to Rehab.

Michelle Weidenbenner has done an amazing job putting it together. It’s not your fault mom, it’s not. This course will help you to realize that. 

It will help you realize there is an awful disease out there and it is called addiction. It will help you understand your addicted loved one.

It will help you to stop enabling and start having empathy.  

My mind was in a flurry due to dealing with a loved one in addiction and this course was so easy for me to understand. Which I needed. 

Moms, please do yourself and your addicted loved one a favor and take this course. It’s a gamechanger.  

Hi, I’m MICHELLE, Your Chief Hope Builder and Guide

I'm the proud mother of a recovering addict, a best-selling author, speaker and podcaster. But mostly I'm a Mom Advocate who wants to help you on your journey.

Moms of addicted loved ones need hope and support. We don't always know the best way to approach our addicted loved one's problems.

We're consumed with worry.

I want to help you regain the life you always thought you'd have, despite your addicted loved one's choices.

But first, I want to help you understand more about addiction, why this might be happening to your child, and how your responses matter.

Thank You! Mom of an Addicted Son.

This (support) has been a godsend for me. It has given me insight into addiction and has helped me make some strong stands and helps me to continue to stay in my lane.

I am letting go and letting God heal the addict that I love so much.

-Kimberly, Mom of a Deceased Addicted Loved One

Your private FB group has been a real blessing to me.

When I was going through all the stuff with my own boys, I had no one who understood what I was going through, no one to talk to ... only the Lord.

He was my partner in all of it, and I am so glad I had that.

Praying for all of you and your families has become my new ministry.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this group.

Benefits of this course.


What will this course do for you that you can’t do now?

Understanding how and why addiction happens will help you eliminate the guilt, blame and shame that keeps you locked in an unhealthy cycle. None of these pitfalls help your addicted loved one move to recovery. Oftentimes, you’re too emotionally close to the problem to see the solution.

What if I need someone to talk to?

Ask questions by emailing me or asking moms in the private FB support group, MomsLettingGo.

You matter. We need your support in this Mighty Mom Movement to reduce the stigma and help our loved ones. [email protected]

How do I join the FB page?

Go to FB and type into the space bar - MomsLettingGo - with no spaces. Our private group will appear. Click on that page and ask to join. You will have to answer three short questions, and then we’ll accept you into the group within 24 hours.

What if I don’t have a computer? Can I still view the course?

The course consists of many videos that are viewable from your phone or tablet.

Why does your child keep lying to you?

The brain is an organ that serves as the center of the nervous systems. It is the most complex organ in your body. Once the brain becomes diseased from drug or alcohol use, it tells your child that in order to survive, he must have the substance, so he will do whatever it takes to get it, which includes lying and many other unappealing behaviors.

Are you ready to learn how to cope without losing sleep, your job and your life?

--- Profits from this course will benefit addiction and recovery efforts in my community and beyond. ---

Start recovering from the chaos today!