If you want to help your child get into recovery, let me guide you through 11 SIMPLE STEPS to show you healthy ways to empower your child and free yourself from the addiction chaos.

Have You Felt Like ...

  • Nothing you do helps your addicted loved one get into recovery.
  • Your child makes promises he never keeps.
  • You're exhausted because just when you have time for yourself, your addicted child interrupts your plans with drama.
  • Your friends tell you to stop enabling, but you're not sure what that means.
  • Your family members and friends don't understand what you're going through.
  • You're consistently changing your plans for your addicted child.
  • Every time the phone rings you're afraid it's going to be another crisis.
  • Your physical health is deteriorating because of this problem.

What if ...

You had a guide who showed you simple steps to empower you to handle your child's choices differently?

You could learn to break the cycle in your family?

You had a community of moms to talk to and learn from, so you didn't feel alone?

You found a way to change your life, so you could spend more time with friends, family and doing the things that bring you pleasure?

You knew how to make confident decisions quicker?

Hi, I’m Michelle, your Mighty Mom Guide.

How can I help you?

🌷 When my son was in the throes of addiction - from opioids to heroin to meth, people would tell me not to enable him. I didn't know what that meant.

I was loving my child. I thought, If I don't help him, he'll never make it, and he could die!

🌷 I thought I was helping, but instead I was stopping him from growing and accepting the consequences of his choices. I was getting in the way of God's purpose for my son's life. Because I helped in all the wrong ways, it took him longer to get into recovery.

🌷 Maybe you're not sure how to help your child either. I understand, so I created these 11 Simple Steps to guide you with the tips I didn't have when I was trying to help my son.

I pray that by learning and implementing these 11 simple steps into your life, you will motivate your child into choosing recovery sooner.

What are you waiting for? Nothing changes if you don't change!

This is for you if ...

You're ready to try something different.

You're tired of the drama in your life.

You believe in a higher power and want to let go of the addict's drama with love and without giving up.

You're not afraid to change.

You're ready to recapture your life.

You want to start learning but don't have much time.

This is not for you if ...

Things are not that bad.

You enjoy the chaos because it gives you purpose.

You can't say no to your child.

You hate change.

You aren't motivated to learn and try new things.

You don't want to take the time to understand addiction.

This was extremely helpful!


These steps will show Moms a better way to cope with their child's addiction.

After learning these simple steps I know how to start letting go with love.

Learning how to let go set me free.


This course gave me a roadmap on how to help my child. It empowered me to breathe again.

I learned that it's not selfish to make myself a priority.


Finding ways to change in the cycle of my child's addiction, is powerful.

I'm looking forward to letting go of the negative energy so I can sprinkle more positive energy into my life.


Question: Will I have access to this course forever, or do I need to finish it within a specific time frame?

Answer: There is no time limit on when you have to complete this course. You should be able to watch all the videos in less than an hour. You will have access indefinitely to the course.

Question: Will I be able to implement these steps in my life right away?

Answer: Yes. The steps are specific and will help you think of your role in your family's addiction cycle. One baby step can have huge results if it helps you take care of yourself.

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